Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Look of the Day: Layering with Flannel

The chill in the air is beggining to descend in the great Northwest.  The cool air paired with a little movement known as GRUNGE makes Seattle the perfect spot for the totally wonderful flannel to reveal itself in all it's pride and glory!  Here are a few of my fav ideas I will just HAVE to try this fall:
Cute flannel dress with layered knee socks and boots.  I'd probably even throw in some sheer black tights under the gray knee socks!  Love how the simple black tote kind of balances everything else out.

Not sure how much I'm digging his mix-match pattern choices.  I find it rather busy because of the many different colors AND textures, but her girly white lace tee paired with the bright red flannel peeking through puts just enough color into this multi-textured ensemble.  It's got a really great balance because of subtle color yet multiple textures. 
Maybe Mr. should take a page outta Layered Flannel Icon:
Alexander Skarsgard
I LOVE him (True Blood fan alert) and I LOVE what he's doing with colors and layers!  The three solid pieces bring the flannel in nicely; it's subtle, but loud enough that it still comes through as the center piece.  I also love the two jacket look: the sports coat over the knitted vest - gorgeous! All the solid colors are tied together in the flannel center piece, allowing for the multi layers and pattern without risking the integrity of the ensemble as a whole. He gets the business without the busyness.  Great job, Alex!

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