Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'd Rather Be Knitting...

Today, the sun came up a little later than usual.  Today, there was a fog blanketing the city as I bussed my way downtown.  Today's high: a mere 66 degrees.  You know what all that means?  Fall is coming!  And fall means beanies, sweaters, and scarfs... and me, knitting.

Plus, I happened on a major sale on wool yarn yesterday.

And so it begins.

I've already started a slouchy beanie in mustard with stockinete stitch. 

And I want to make these scarfs:

And this pullover sweater in cashmere:


  1. Need a little help, honey, you know where to find me . . . a darling shop in Medford if you want to take a look while you are down there . . . I'll get the address . . . still working on the flap hat pattern . . . loves . . . xoxo

  2. i am determined to get a slouchy beanie that looks good on me this fall! i love having them for rainy days while riding my bike! and LOVE that oversized scarf with the buttons...that rocks!! i wish i could knit without it hurting my wrists!