Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Look of the Day: Layered tights and socks

SO Perfect for the colder Fall weather up here in Seattle!

Here's a couple of AMAZING ideas from J.Crew's Fall line:

So awesome, no?  They're all such different styles - so many, many things to do with tights/socks pairing.  I'm LOVING the opaque tights with the socks scrunched down and the MacAlister boots (top left) -- Would look great with some aged combat boots as well, right? 

Or maybe a pair of these - OBSESSED:

Which tights/socks pair do you think is a match made in fashion heaven?


  1. I hate the socks with shoes look!!! Whoever brought this back will pay. Almost as bad as when garbage bags were on the runway a few years ago

  2. you mean tights with socks? most people wear socks with shoes... well i doubt it will catch on in AZ regardless :)