Monday, August 23, 2010

Fall Inspirations #2: Back to School Shopping

Well, you all know I. Miss. School. So, yes, I'm not REALLY going back to school, but are you really going to try to take Back to School shopping from me, too? Dig the knife in a little deeper?

This weekend, I picked up a few things on my wish list:

Jean Dress!!!
Jean Leggins -- jeggins?
Grey, wool tights
Saw some combat boots, but decided to wait. oh the woes of being a broke college graduate?
A couple cute tops
New bracelet
Tribal print dress

Pictures to come. For now, I'm adding clogs to said list (and stealing this look.)

And still looking for a mustard cardigan... and beige.

Isn't Annabel the cutest?!?


  1. I have a pair of doc marten combat boots in a size 7! I die for them, but I want a new pair for winter! I wore them a hand full of times, and they are in amazing condition! I'll send you a pic in a bit. They are $150 boots, and want only $80 for them!
    Your back to school wardwrobe sounds fantastic! YAY for shopping for no reason! ;D

  2. Hmmm send a pic! I'm usually between a 7 and an 8 tho so we will see -- I'm totally digging these clogs tho, no? haha so dorky, but so cute!