Friday, July 16, 2010

This is How My Mind Works: Fantasy Scenario 1

What goes in:

It’s casual Friday so I wore my hiking shoes to work because well it’s Friday and it’s Seattle so there’s absolutely nothing unusual with wearing hiking boots to work.

I stopped by the Whole Foods to do some grocery shopping on the way to work. You get a .10$ refund if you use your own bag and today they were donating that .10$, if you prefer, to one of three charities: I chose the Washington Trails Association. I like to hike. Thank you very much, WTA.

While walking out, I saw a tall and skinny Mr. walk in, wearing a flannel coat, unruly (unbrushed) brown curls and hiking boots.

And this is what comes out:

I imagine walking up to this man – thinking he’s obviously granola what with looking like he did and he’s shopping at Whole Foods and NOT drinking Starbucks, MUST be granola. I fantasize about walking up to him and asking “Do you work today?” and then when he replies “yes” I’d say: “What if we just skip it. Call in sick. And go hiking instead?” *Sidenote. I forgot to mention it’s FINALLY cloudy this morning again. I love hiking on cloudy days. The ambiance is so peaceful out in the woods on a cloudy day; the light isn’t so harsh as it would be if it were sunny, and sometimes you can see the misty clouds slowly weave through mountain ranges and wrap around evergreen trees. Anyways, He’d first grin at me, thinking either “This girl is clearly a little insane” or “Wow what a great idea. This girl is so spontaneous/friendly/cool” – probably thinking a little of both. He’d be hesitant, but would eventually accept and we’d race to the bus stop and have thumb wars in the back of the bus all the way back to my house where my car sits. We'd drive out to my favorite hike off highway 2 near Gold Bar. He'd undoubtedly be enthralled with the jutting Mt. Index, repeating over and over again how awesome it is and commenting on it's structure: how sharp the edges are and how mysteriously, beautifully, dauntingly those sharp edges disappear into the soft clouds above. We’d have a great time hiking. Talking about literature (he’d probably LOVE Walt Whitman) and music (he would most definitely LOVE Matt Pond PA) and just having an all and all fantastic day. On the way home, I’d drop him off in front of the Whole Foods where we first met. I’d insist on not swapping numbers or emails or facebook pages. I’d want to keep the day as sterile and pure and unique and isolated as I could: just two strangers who shared a perfectly impulsive day and who may or may not smile and wave to one another from across the street if ever their paths would cross again.

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  1. that is a very unnerving fantasy for a mother living in Huntington Beach . . . please don't ever do anything that risky . . . :| . . . xoxo