Friday, July 23, 2010

Pesky little 1% Club

I came across this guy in an MSN article I read the other day and I think his message is one we all need to hear (read: a reminder I need every second of every day). He has this awesome theology on taking risks; he calls it Advanced Riskology. He basically encourages people to challenge themselves by taking risks and not being too worried about outcomes. His thoughts seem to mimic my own; but his words zip into my ears and get stuck and painfully rattle my brain. “I can’t! I can’t!” I answer, but I’m at a definite standstill.

See, I’ve always been sort of a restless soul: I don’t enjoy staying in one place for too long whether it’s physical, mental, relational ect. And recently, I’ve started to feel that contented itch. The one I get every time life gets routine. I need a change. I need to shake things up a bit. And so... I’ve been looking. I’ve looked into grad school. I’ve looked into just getting another degree: meteorology? I’ve always wanted to be a Tornado chaser, inspired by Twister, the best movie of all time; Agriculture? I have an affinity for country music and a fantasy of owning a farm. Maybe a degree in Ceramics? I took a few years in high school. I’ve looked into relocating to the South. I’ve looked into relocating internationally. I’ve looked into trying to earn a living through my blog, through writing (not happening at the moment, but I’m holding out!). I’ve looked into doing a stint in Teach for America. I’ve looked into starting a sheep farm. But the problem is – I’ve just looked. I’ve done a lot of researching, but absolutely no risk taking (and the more looking I do, the more desperate those options I find seem…)

The thing is, this boring thing called “comfortable” is also really… well, easy. I have a steady job that pays enough. I have a cute house and great roommates and an adorable dog. There’s really no need for a change, for a big risk. In fact, it seems downright irresponsible. I have to pay rent. I have student loans. I have a car payment and a little puppy mouth to feed. This Tyler fellow needs to back up slowly and stop giving me ideas. Leave my poor aching brain and searching soul alone. I was fine being somewhat bored but comfortable in this little life of mine, making lists of books I should read and coffee shops I should try to pass the time. I don’t need his encouragement to grab my life by its horns and turn it into some dream life. I don’t need this temptation to drop it all and do something exciting and worry about the consequences later! This is advice I do not need to hear right now…or this is exactly the advice I need to hear right now. I can't decide.


  1. Every man has an Adventure to live but even the riskiest job done long enough becomes rutine.

  2. Amen sister! I hear you on the, do I be responsible or just live a little cuz isn't this the time of life to do it? Oh What to do!?!?!?