Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Friends We Make

I apologize if I've given anyone the wrong impression about Seattle: ok, so they're a little introverted as a population in general, but I actually kind of like that. I like that they're busy drinking their coffee and delving into a good book because really, if I'm being honest, and I'm being honest hence blog name, I'd much rather be doing that than being social myself most of the time. But I'd hate to think I'm misrepresenting the more outgoing crowd of Seattle. Therefore, in an effort to balance the quiet reputation, here are a few stories of the not so quiet.

A few friends I've made in Seattle (In the Seattle area).

I was visiting a friend for the weekend in the nearby city of Bremerton. My friend had to work that afternoon, so I decided to take a nice walk to the neighborhood starbucks, my lab mutt, Gamble, in tow. I walked down the main road strip lined with laundrymatts, cheap chicken restaraunts and dirty dive bars. There was an older man sitting outside who said hello as I walked by. I stopped and returned the greetings to which he replied, all in one breath: "That's a cute pup you got there, mind if I pet her?" Not waiting for an answer, he patted Gams on the head and continued "you know, I have a friend that I met when I was in jail a few months back and he used to work for the pound, putting animals to sleep. You know how they do it? He told me he'd put the animals in this box, shut the door, open it and the animal would be dead. But for the longest time he couldn't figure out how they died. So one day, he put the animal in and watched through the window to see how it actually killed the dog and you know what they do? They suck all the air outta that little room. The poor animal suffocates. Isn't that something?"

Ya. That's something.

And then another time, I was driving through a little suburb of Vancouver WA called Kelso -- apparently it's a city on the wrong side of the tracks or so I've been told. It's about 11:30pm and I make a pit stop at the grocery store for some finger food that will keep me busy and awake on the 2 hr drive home. A biker chick with jet black greasy hair in a wolf t-shirt and leather jacket is in front of me in the checkout line. Another gal with a ton of eyeliner on, a high ponytail and a bandana as a headband gets in line in back of me. She looked like the type of girl who'd have a strong Jersey accent, real tough. She smiles at me and smacks her gum: "You having a good night sweety?" She asks before she realizes she's buds with biker chick in front of me. "Hey Brit," says Biker Chick. "I saw Dave's car out there. You drivin' his truck tonight?" "Yeah, tonight I am," she says, "You know Dave's got his court thing in the morning." "Oh, yeah? So what does that mean?" "It means, we may not see him for 6 to 8 months."

I hurried out and consciously locked my car door the second I got in.

And then last night, I made a friend during a soccer game. She had been yanking on me the whole game and when I finally did something about it -- gave her a little shoulder nudge -- she complained LOUDLY "Wow, Really???" Yes bitch, really. Don't give it if you can't take it. And boy did she give it. Aimed, shot, and kicked that ball RIGHT into my face. And the ref didn't even call it. Hell no did I shake hands and "good game" it. I stormed straight out to my car. Thanks Seattle. I was so pissed, I needed a starbucks to brighten my morning.

See, I kinda like the Introverted Seattlites.

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