Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why I Want to Date a Cowboy (As demonstrated by various country songs)

They’re curious about commitment! Kenny Chesney actually WANTS to know how “forever feels.” Instead of the usual avoidance of it.

They love Sundays because of church; Craig Morgan can even sing every verse of Amanzing Grace.

They always “recognize when they see Old Glory flying, there’s lot of men dead so we can sleep in peace at night.” Really Toby Keith? Respect and gratitute mixed with a lil partiotism? Mmm…yummy.

They never complain about you taking too long to get ready. Brad Paisley devoted an entire song to how he’ll gladly wait on his woman. Taaaaake your time ladies, cowboy’s don’t mind!

Jason Aldean will take me for a ride on his big green tractor.

Have you BEEN to a Craig Morgan redneck yacht club party?!?

They do EVERYTHING heart and soul. Didn’t you know? That’s how country boys roll according to Billy Currington. Oh and they’ll give you the shirt off their back if you ask and you should definitely ask…

Hair in a mess? Old T-shirt and jeans? Beautiful without a trace of makeup on? Barefoot in the kitchen singing my favorite song? Oh yes, Joe Nichols, I can give ya that girl!

They’ll put ya in your place, but only if they have to. Eric Church doesn’t like to fight, but he ain’t afraid to bleed… don’t make him do it!

They’re not afraid to risk a lil trouble for a lil fun. Dierks Bently stirred up some dirt when he snuck a girl outta her house while her daddy peppered his tailgate! All for that sake of that little white tank top…

They work hard; they play hard. They work work work, all week till the job gets done, but Billy knows how to relax: weekend bar-b-ques and a few cold ones. Where do I sign up?

Lastly, have you seen cowboys holding babies? I don’t think it could get more sickeningly sexy/adorable…

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