Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Lesson Learned

I had heard stories. It’s a normal complaint of puppy parents. But Gamble would never – has never – done that. Well THAT finally happened last night.

She’d been flirting with the idea, I could tell. She’d eye it, slowly walk up to it, sniff around it – “No!” – I’d interrupt and she’d quickly leave it alone. But she’d always come back. You know what they say about curiosity and well… dogs.

Last night, while watching LOST I heard a strange, repetitive sound coming from down the hall. I listened closely, trying to decipher what I was hearing. Was she chewing on something? No, not that. It was more of swallowing sound. Did she find something to eat? No, no. More like a lapping…

Oh no…

I quietly made my way down the hall. Yep. There she was there in all her glory, face buried so deep behind the porcelain walls she looked like a headless pup. Nothing like a cool drink of water from the toilet, eh?

Apparently, I need to fill her water bowl more often. Apparently, she needs easier access to it. Hopefully, this isn’t one of those bad habits that once they start are practically impossible to break…

Take heed, puppy parentals. This too could happen to least expecting you!

(Please note, this is NOT my dog. Although this is pretty much what she looked like. She's too short to put her paws up and her head barely fits over the toilet rim (a reason why I (erroneously) thought she would never be capable of sipping from this saucer). I refuse to pose her for a picture for Mommy's blog because I'm trying to discourage this behavior at all costs...)


  1. its cat drinks out of the toilet all the time..its not a big deal. i fill up her water bowl rarely because she wont drink out of it so the only way for her to get her water is the toilet...unfortunatley it isnt just puppy parents lol

  2. Becca, it's not a big deal unless she's trying out tootsie rolls and lemonade . . . Kelsey, just start putting the lid down . . . xoxo

  3. haha cindy you are too funny! i just sent kelsey a pic of my cat drinking out of the toilet. its hilarious..she looks like she is going to fall in :)