Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Farwell, Dark One.

Today, we mourn a loss. She was striking and mysterious; her blue eyes burned underneath her darker shaded shroud. She was most at home on cloudy days when the dimmer lights revealed her subtle crimson hues. Her chocolate flavored dreams, no doubt, were influenced by that soft, silky cap that laid upon her head and rested upon her pillow. She politely, effortlessly told visitors “beware” and “approach with caution,” inviting a quiet existence in solitude. But at night she showed depth, and a questionable wickedness that would tempt even the most innocent of suitors. We will always remember her sweet indulgence for coffees and chocolates, but will always admire her eagerness still to play around in the dirt and mud. She was extravagant, she was adventurous, she was the Dark One. And she will be missed.

But today, however, we also celebrate the start of something new. Today we will open our eyes and see a new, glimmery sunshine color. Only her smile will exceed the brightness of that halo which will now circumference her head. Her freckles will pop and dance and reclaim center stage as the darkest element of her brow. She will once again radiate favor and invite. She will smell of vanilla and will remind you of long summer days spent in the hot sun. You’ll hear the Beach Boys when she walks by. Just the flash of a smile and the boys will want to believe she’s flirting. She’s bubbly, but not ditzy; she’s obvious, but still fascinating. She’s blonde. Again.

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  1. YEAH . . . she's baaaccccckkkkkk . . . xoxo