Thursday, October 14, 2010

Poor Miley

That's right.  I said it.  Poor Miley.  With everyone freaking out over cyber-bullying these days, you'd think the media and critics would consider giving her a break. Yet when she released her new video everyone was quick to jump down her throat for wearing underwear in bed and dancing provacatively.  After all, the girl is only 17.

And so is she.

Taylor Momsen.  And yet no one says anything about her lingerie clad concerts and sacriligious music videos.

Remember when Miley wore this at a concert?  Critics had a hay-day.

But when Taylor wore see through lingerie on stage did you even hear about it?

The most risque magazine cover Miley graced showed a little bit of skin.

And here's Taylor's.
Miley wears this:
Taylor looks like a drugged out prostitute and no one says anything.
Album Covers?
Miley's shows a little skin and looks like EVERY OTHER pop album cover
And again Taylor goes with the drugged up skeeze look.
Remember the Annie Leibovitz controversial photo shoot?

Did you see the one where Taylor channels her (once again)
inner drugged up whore?

Here's Miley's most recent music video.  Yes, she's SLEEPING in bed in underwear (notice the sleep mask anyone?).  Yes, she looks hot.  Yes, she's dancing with boys.

But hey it could be worse.  She could be crawling around in Lingerie on the Last Supper table, giving everyone a provocative demonic glare.

Why don't they pick on somebody new?


  1. Taylor Momson is literally the bane of my existence.

  2. I just choked back my vomit from watching the Taylor Momsen video...