Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Funs!

So I'm off to Oregon for the weekend!  My sister will be a Freshman at U of O (but eh hem, go Huskies!) so I'm going to visit her and stopping to have dinner with some friends in Portland on my way down.  What are your plans this weekend?

Here some suggestions to peruse, ponder, observe, and explore:

I love this Kissing blog.  I'm caught somewhere between wanting to be a hopeless romantic and yet not quite convinced True Love doesn't only exist in Fairy Tales... this blog definitely makes me sway towards the hopeless romantic side.

My roommate LOVES Guinness. She's from Nigeria and apparently that's the only beer they drink. It's Nigeria's 50th Independance Day today (Horray Nigeria!) So I may just make this cake when I come home sunday for her. Not to mention, SUPER jealous of this kitchen!

I'm in love with the frumpy dress in neutral and the eye popping tights combo - wanna see more?

As soon as I find an old, discarded globe - this will be my next project.
And I'm just WAITING for an excuse to throw and Alice in Wonderland Tea Party!

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